Photo-Op #256 - Code Red

Sintiklia - Delilah Hair

Sintiklia - Mirror Lipstick

StunnerOriginals - Serenity Nails

 Nar Mattaru - Banshee Eyeshadow

Kira - Liber Tattoo
Oxide - Noxx Earrings and Collar

Pucca Firecaster - Raven Pauldron

Arcane SpellCaster - Chica Outfit

Idealia - Dixi Bracelet
(previously at E-bento, now in-store)

Idealia - Spootz Shoes

Romazin - Kilista Necklace

Bamse - Missle Launcher ( past event gift)

=Taken at Back Drop City in the New Scenes section=


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